Monday, December 19, 2011

What's in a Fantasy? Guest post by Charlotte English

Today's guest is Charlotte English author of Draykon and Lokant.  Check out her motivation behind her books and if they sound good to you sign up to win copies of them for yourself in my WHBGE!

I've been a huge fan of fantasy fiction ever since I read Barbara Sleigh's "Carbonel" series when I was about nine years old. Those books were fantastic. There was a witch, and talking (royal) cats, and two kids who got to go on magical adventures. What could be better?

Well... if anything, mystery. A year or two later I became mildly obsessed with Nancy Drew and Enid Blyton's mystery tales, and that's a taste that's lasted into adulthood too (mysteries, I mean, though I've recently gone back to reading Enid Blyton's mystery series... in Dutch. A strange experience, that).  

So when it came time to stop mucking about with short stories and get on with those novels I'd always wanted to write, I wasn't particularly surprised that the result, Draykon, was a hybrid of the two genres. Nor that it included most of the things I'd always particularly enjoyed reading about: female protagonists, animal characters, unconventional detectives, high society, quirky technologies, weirdly illogical fantasy worlds, humour, romance and adventure. And when it came time to write the sequel, I managed to add vast libraries and secret societies to the mix as well.

Well, people say "write the book you want to read" and I think it's good advice. It certainly leads to a whole lot of fun and games along the way.

The Draykon Series is still pretty new. The first book came out in September of this year, and the second was published less than a fortnight ago. I've just started working on the third Draykon book this week, and I can't wait to get stuck into it and see where it takes me. I've also just finished a novella, on a completely different topic. Okay, not that different. More fantasy mystery. Another unconventional detective. But this time there are a few ghosts and witches along for the ride. And I've always enjoyed the idea of swampy forests, houses on stilts and nutty apothecaries, so I included those too.

See how much fun this is? This is why I love to write fantasy fiction: there are few boundaries, and there's room to simply let the imagination go and see what happens. It's hugely entertaining for me, and hopefully it's fun for the reader too.

It's been an incredibly exciting adventure so far, and I'm truly grateful for all the support, enthusiasm and help I've had from readers, fellow authors and book bloggers in the last few weeks. Indie publishing offers the unique opportunity to share books with the world and gain a readership on our own terms, and it's fantastic how supportive the indie community can be.

I hope that the winners of Draykon and Lokant will enjoy the read! I love to make new connections and to hear back from readers, so if you'd like to get in touch with me you can find me in a number of places: my website/blog:, facebook: and twitter:!/Charlottenglish. Or look me up on Goodreads!

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