Sunday, December 18, 2011

Zero Sum by B Justin Shier review

Some excellent news for fans of B. Justin Shier, Zero Sum the second book in the Zero Sight series released late last month.  This has been  a pretty heavily anticipated release so in case you didn't catch the news or were on the fence about the purchase here is my review.

5 stars

Zero Sum by B. Justin Shier continue the tale of Dieter Resnick.  Dieter has survived his time at Elliot College, but just barely.  Now he and the other members of the Lambda Squad are on a mission to take on Talmax.

The second book in the series brings back all of the notable characters from Zero Sight, including my favorites Rei and Dante.  The rather unique relationship shared by Dieter and Rei continues to develop, as does their weft link.  The book also reveals a bit more about the past of both characters as well.  There are looks into just how troubled Dieter's childhood truly was and Rei finally unveils a little bit about her family.

There is still a lot of action this time around and a new breed of villain is introduced.  The characters remain consistent with the first book, so there is plenty of humor to offset the violence.  I enjoyed Dante's larger role and hope to see more of him as the series continues.

If you enjoyed the first book this one will be right up your alley.  Well done again Mr. Shier bring on book 3.

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