Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 wrap-up

Since the year has officially ended I thought I would throw up a summary of my year.

According to my Goodreads tracking I read 158 books and 24390 pages.  135 reviews written on Amazon with 133 of them being about books and I'd say at least 95% of those being about indie published books.  I also started an Indie Book Club group on Goodreads that has reached 141 members.  We read 2 books per month and self nomination is welcome.  Stop by and check it out if you are interested.  It's great fun to discuss books with the authors and the more discussion the better.  Finishing up with 218 blog posts and 207 followers (GFC) here on this blog was a very busy year.  

On top of that my little girl went from an infant to a toddler, which makes it a lot harder to get anything done on the computer lol.

In 2012 I am hoping for 170 books read 150 more reviews written probably around another 200 blog posts and I would love to meet some more great people.  

BTW if you entered the WHBGE I am sorting all the entries to get the winners chosen by and hopefully I will have emails going out to the authors by the end of the week.


  1. Well done! 150 books read, wow!! And I love that you've written so many reviews.

  2. Look at that face! You are in so much trouble, dad. lol

  3. Karen-Thanks! I still have about 15 to write from the books I read last year.

    Dave-Yeah I am totally in trouble already lol

  4. Toddler to pre-schooler. It'll happen before you blink your eyes twice.

  5. Wow, 158 books read and 135 reviews written. Impressive! And your daughter is adorable. May you and your family have a wonderful new year!

  6. Keep up the good work, Scott. You're an inspiration to many and your efforts are truly appreciated.

  7. Terry - I believe it as she went from infant to toddler amazingly quickly.

    Marilyn - Thanks very much for the kind words. All the best in the New Year to you and yours as well.

    B - I have never thought of myself as an inspiration, but I am doing my best to run this blog and get the word out on as many great authors as I can!