Friday, January 6, 2012

Create or Die podcast

Today I am hosting Daniel Coleman (author of Hatter and Jabberwocky) as he delivers some information on the newest project he is involved in.

Brand new Create or Die podcast features an unusual partnership.

An easel painter and a fiction novelist team up to offer creative and practical advice for artists in any discipline who desire a career in The Arts

Wellsville, UT – January 1, 2012 – What do painting and writing have in common with photography, dance, sculpture, and musical composition? According to John Berry and Daniel Coleman, hosts of the Create or Die podcast: plenty.

“The creative process transcends individual disciplines,” says Daniel Coleman, a fiction novelist. “Creativity is reaching deep down inside and pulling out something unique that you are passionate about, then working to perfect it. Whether artists choose to express that through paint, music, film, clay, or words, we artists are closer kin than many of us realize.”

In reference to the title of the podcast, Easel Painter John Berry, a 20-year professional, says, “We chose the name because of the multiple meanings. First of all, an artist has to create in order to provide for themselves and earn a living. That’s elementary. But deeper than that, an artist never really dies as long as their work lives on. It truly is a form of immortality.”

In episode 1, John and Daniel tackle the subject of Getting Started. Other episodes span topics ranging from Obstacles to Creativity, Exposure, and The Earning Curve.

New episodes of Create or Die will available every Tuesday morning, with each episode running for approximately ten minutes. Create or Die can be downloaded on iTunes, or found at or

Listeners of the Create or Die podcast can email questions to createordiepodcast (at) John Berry’s art can be viewed online at You can learn more about Daniel Coleman’s books at

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