Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bad Radio by Michael Langlois review

Sixty years ago Abe Griffin saved the world and gained eternal youth.

Or so he thought.

Now, a man that Abe believed to be long dead is killing the surviving members of Abe's old squad in order to reclaim the relics that they have kept hidden for decades.

The relics form an ancient beacon that must never be used, in a ritual that must never be completed. But the end of the world requires more than just activating the beacon.
It requires Abe.

With help from the granddaughter of his oldest friend, Abe must learn the truth about his immortal body, while at the same time trying to stop a horrifying series of supernatural opponents from sweeping away everything that he cares about.

5 stars

Bad Radio by Michael Langlois is a thrilling supernatural story.  It follows Abe, a veteran of WWII whose unit went after the crazy stuff.  While tracking down a man named Piotr Abe falls into a pit filled with liquid and has not aged a day since.  Returning to his normal life back in the states was difficult for him and as the fact that he was not aging became more obvious he began to live in seclusion on his farm.  On the day he has decided to end his life himself he receives a visitor related to his past.  One of his old Army buddies is in a bad way and his granddaughter arrives to find Abe and see if he can help.  While she doesn't believe that the young man in front of her is the same man who served with her grandfather she figures since they look identical it may be enough to reach her grandfather and help.  Unable to turn his back on someone he went through so much with in the war Abe agrees to help.

That agreement starts a rollercoaster ride of action and horror that is leftover from what they were unable to finish during the War.  Abe is an excellent character who has some unique abilities besides the forever young thing.  He also has a temper that can make him a bit of a liability in certain situations.  The supernatural elements are very well done, with the "baitbags" (read the book to find out) being able to blend in with normal people for the most part.

The book was fantastic and did a great job of inspiring the "I'm just gonna read one more chapter" feeling until the book is over.  It's a fairly simple one or two sitting read and if the book is able to suck you in it won't take more than that.  I would recommend this for fans of supernatural thrillers/horror stories with some unique bad guys and a ton of action.  I personally will be reading the follow up book, Walker, without a doubt.

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