Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lyon's Legacy by Sandra Ulbrich Almazan review

Sometimes being a geneticist isn’t enough to understand your family....

Joanna Lyon is the great-granddaughter of the legendary TwenCen musician Sean Lyon. Joanna may have inherited some of her ancestor's musical talent, but her parents' bitter divorce and her Uncle Jack's attempts to remake her into another Sean have left her hostile toward her family and music. Her passion is for science, but since she has no access to the family funds, she struggles to earn enough credits for graduate school. Then her uncle sets up a business deal with her employer to make Joanna go on a mission for him: travel via the spaceship Sagan to an alternate TwenCen universe where Sean is still alive. Joanna must collect a DNA sample from Sean so her uncle can create a clone of him. She refuses at first, but finally agrees to go. Secretly, however, Joanna believes her uncle will exploit the clone, and she plans to sabotage the project to stop him. But when she falls in love with one of the scientists in the Sagan's genetics lab, clashes with other time travelers who fear she'll change how history develops on the alternative TwenCen Earth, and receives devastating personal news, Joanna will find herself pushed to her limit even before she comes face-to-face with her hated ancestor. Their encounter will leave her changed forever. Will she still be able to thwart her uncle's plan, and what will she have to sacrifice to do so?

5 stars

Lyon's Legacy by Sandar Ulbrich Almazan follow the life of Joanna Lyon. As the great granddaughter of the most influential musician ever her life has been strongly directed towards music. Unfortunately she is not interested in pursuing that life and at time almost hates her ancestor for forcing her info a life of semi-celebrity just because of who her family is.

Joanna just wants to be a scientist and work peacefully in a lab. Her uncle has other plans for her however, as well as controlling the majority of the family money that she should be entitled to. He makes a deal that is she travels through a wormhole to get DNA from her great grandfather he will give her the money she needs to go to school and remove himself from her life forever. Things never really seem to go as planned...

While being a relatively short read Lyon's Legacy was extremely entertaining. Sandra is a big fan of science herself and it shows through in her writing. The society that Joanna lives in confused me a bit as music seemed to play an immense role, but that could have just been the way it affected her due to her family. Well written characters drive the story and Joanna's turmoil over her choices is palpable. I'm not sure I have read anything quite like this, but I am eager to see more from the author.

A very well done novella debut from Sandra Ulbrich Almazan brings another indie author to keep an eye on into the picture.

Review copy provided by the author.

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