Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Offtopic: Lesser known music featuring @Hylandrock

Today I'm going to share some music with everyone the band is called Hyland.  They are a great band that is on the lesser known side for sure.  My wife and I have seen them three times (counting last nights Valentines Day show) in concert now and they are truly a great experience live.  We have talked to Jon, the lead singer, at all the shows and he is a down to Earth guy.  We have quite the collection of merch from the shows and the band is always cool about signing it.  The shows are very affordable we paid $8 per ticket for a three band show, basically if they come to your area do yourself a favor and check them out.  If you are in Ohio check out Alive Fest in June they will be playing there along with a ton of other great bands.

Weights and Measures  available for under $8 on Amazon.

Their current radio single on RadioU is Jumping the Gun, but the whole album is good and Never is amazing live.  Follow them on twitter @hylandrock for tour updates.

Never performed live 
Til Death

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