Thursday, March 1, 2012

Anchihiiroo by Jeremy Rodden review

4 stars

Anchihiiroo by Jeremy Rodden tells the in depth story of one of the "rogue" toons from Toonopolis: Gemini.  I was happy to see this short, as Animetown was possibly my favorite section of Toonopolis from Gemini.  With that in mind this could be a stand alone story to help you decide to read the full length book, but I really feel that it works much better after reading Gemini and having an understanding of the world Jeremy has created.

Anchihiiroo was born Yoshi in a simple fishing village.  One day his village is attacked by pirates during the ninja pirate war.  He escapes the destruction and is found and taken in by some kind people in the next town over.  Unfortunately that town is also destroyed leaving him once again as the lone survivor.  When Yoshi is taken in by the monks at the Suzaku temple, where a phoenix egg is awaiting a hero of legend to hatch.

The story tells of a young man with a tragic past who feels his life is totally outside of his control.  This book is a wonderful supplement to fans of the Toonopolis universe and serves very well as an appetizer to hold you over until the next volume of the main story is released.  While a bit more serious than Gemini there is still a good amount of humor.  Anyone from the age of 8 and above can enjoy the world that Jeremy Rodden has created and I recommend picking this up for anyone in the family.

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