Monday, March 5, 2012

Gifts and Consequences by Daniel Coleman review

“I’d do anything if…” That’s exactly what Jonathan Wheeler wants to hear, but there’s always a cost. Tickets to the concert of the century? A college education for a child? Saving the life of a loved one? Jonathan Wheeler wants to make it happen, but if the price isn’t paid he’s prepared to deliver the consequences.

Jonathan decides to honor the wish of his dying wife – that he give away his fortune – but his methods are dangerously unconventional. He takes extreme measures to witness human struggle and watch the discovery of hidden strength. But when Jonathan goes too far, he faces consequences of his own.

5 stars

Gifts and Consequences by Daniel Coleman is the third literary offering from this relatively new author.  It takes an entirely different direction than his earlier Lewis Carroll based works, but it seems that he has the range to make it work.  His experience as a firefighter/paramedic has shown him real life tragedy and he translates that experience to the page with powerful results.

The basic story behind the book is a fairly familiar tale.  A man who has worked very hard his whole life finds out his wife has early onset Alzheimer's disease and begins to regret his dedication to making money.  Susan, his wife, lived her life for others and  Jonathon decides to honor her legacy using his fortune.

The methods that Jonathon employs really set this story apart from the many familiar themed books and movies.  He has a staff of analysts that spy on emails and conversations in order to find people willing to make a deal.  He will only offer his deals to individuals, no groups, and he uses some pretty impressive spy techniques to make sure his deals are honored.  The story plays out almost like a series of short stories detailing the lives of some of the individuals that have entered contract with Jonathon.  There are people who succeed and some who fail.  Throughout the book Jonathon remains loving to his wife and uses the experiences as stories to tell her and bring what comfort he can to her.

This book struck me as a very powerful emotional story and I was extremely moved by it.  Although my normal books are much more action packed I was still drawn in by Daniel masterful storytelling.  This is a definite must read for pretty much everyone.

Copy provided for review.

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