Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Jhorun a guest post by Jeffrey Poole

Hello again! For those of you just joining us, welcome to IndieBookBlogger’s website! Scott has very graciously allowed me to take on the letter “J” for his A-Z blog challenge this year. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeffrey M. Poole. I’m the author of the Bakkian Chronicles. At the moment that consists of two fantasy novels. Bakkian Chronicles, Book I – The Prophecy, and Bakkian Chronicles, Book II – Insurrection. I’m presently working on the third: Bakkian Chronicles, Book III – Amulet of Aria.

J is for ‘jhorun’. Sounds a little a title of a Sue Grafton novel. What is jhorun, you might ask? In the magical land of Lentari, jhorun is defined as the ability that all humans are born with which enables them to accomplish tasks that they would have ordinarily been unable to accomplish. Jhoruns can either manifest physically, like the ability to temporarily conjure small daggers, or else manifest itself in unseen ways, such as the queen’s veracity-inducing jhorun which forces everyone, in her presence, to tell her the truth even if they wanted to tell a fib. And yes, some jhorun are more powerful than others (whoever said life was fair?), and many jhorun are coveted.

It must be noted, however, that jhoruns can be depleted. Think of the magical ability like a rechargeable battery. You only have a limited amount of jhorun that can be used before it’ll be exhausted and then you’ll have to give yourself an adequate amount of time to recharge (typically overnight) before it can be used again. Unfortunately, there are no “rollovers”. If you fail to use all of your allotted jhorun in one day, the surplus is not added to the following day’s quota. It just means your jhorun will recharge that much faster seeing how there’s less to replenish.

Many Lentarian citizens often wish their jhoruns could be replaced with a stronger, more favorable jhorun. However, seeing how it has been proven that humans really shouldn’t tamper with jhoruns (see Bakkian Chronicles, Book II – Insurrection), it is strongly recommended that any citizen of Lentari should simply repress any feelings of jealousy and attempt to go about their lives. If it becomes necessary to temporarily increase the strength of one’s jhorun, then petitions can be made to the Lentarian royal court to grant custody of a jorii, a small smoke-colored sphere the size of a walnut. A jorii has the ability to enhance a jhorun by many times. Naturally, the jorii are not to be used without direct supervision of representative of the royal court of R’Tal.

Sometimes it may become necessary to store jhorun so that it may be used at a later date. Many travelling on perilous journeys find themselves wishing they had an ample supply of jhorun handy in case they are called upon to defend themselves, conjure food, supplies, etc. In that event, the royal court may grant the petitioner exclusive access to the castle’s supply of mimets. These power crystals act as jhorun storage devices. To use, simply clench the crystal disc tightly in your hands and focus your jhorun on the disc. The disc will absorb any jhorun directed at it and can therefore be called upon at a later date. It should be noted, however, that only the original depositor can withdraw their jhorun from a mimet. Up until the arrival of the Nohrin, there have been no exceptions to this rule. However both Nohrin could utilize mimets charged from anyone’s jhorun, a fact which baffled everyone, including them.

The following are several examples of the types of jhorun found in Lentari:

Kri’Entu – human king of Lentari. Jhorun: wyverien (friend to dragons – none would harm him even if they wanted to).

Ny’CallĂ© – human queen of Lentari. Jhorun: veracity. No one can tell a lie in her presence, not even her husband!

Kre’Mikal – human son of the king & queen. Jhorun: Enhancement? Some discrepancies abound when identifying Mikal’s jhorun.

Rhenyon – commander of the royal guards. Jhorun: woodworking. Can twist wood into whatever shapes he wishes.

Pheron – human lieutenant. Jhorun: nocturnal vision. Can see better at night than he can during the day.

Steve Miller – male half of the Nohrin. Jhorun: fire-thrower. First fire-thrower to appear in over two centuries. One of the strongest known jhoruns.

Sarah Miller – female half of the Nohrin. Jhorun: teleportation. Able to move objects, including people, to any place she’s previously visited.

I’d like to thank Scott for letting me prattle on once more about a subject pertaining to my books. Thanks again and here’s to many hours of happy reading!



  1. This was interesting and fun, too. Like your blog as well.

    If you've the chance, pop over to my blog. I'm the author of the Bella and Britt series for kids.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Nancy! Thanks for the compliment! We, as indie authors, owe people like Scott here a big debt of gratitude for being willing to read unknown authors and give us a chance to have our work reviewed.

    I'll take a look at your blog and your book series. Thanks for your interest!