Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Four: A Zombie Novel by Zack Gorlick review

Friendship tested in the zombie apocalypse.

Alec, Jeff, Scott and Kale are childhood friends who experienced a life changing event during high school. Upon their senior year they had a falling out and went their separate ways. Nearly five years later the friends decide to have a reunion. Unfortunately, the night of the reunion occurs when the dead start to rise.

Now, joined by other survivors and a squad of Marines, the friends try and survive the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. Little do they know, the affects of the event that has haunted them since high school, just might be their only hope for survival, and the salvation of mankind...unless the issues from their past get in the way first.

4 stars

Four starts out with a similar feeling to a lot of zombie stories.  A vault is opened in California and the undead pour out of it and begin to bite everyone they see, turning those bitten.  The story differs as the mysterious secret a group of four friends share gets revealed.  The friends: Alec, Kale, Jeff (aka Homer), and Scott have grown apart since highschool and after Jeff nearly dies in a submarine accident decide to have a reunion.

At first the secret is alluded to with no real information being revealed.  Eventually though the truth comes out and the story takes a major turn away from what would be found in a standard zombie novel.

There are a few disclaimers to go with this book.  There is a lot of graphic violence and sex.  There is also a fair amount of profanity.  This didn't bother me, but I could see it not being great for all audiences.  Another thing is the book could use a little tightening up.  There were a typos and word misuses (ie coward used instead of cowered) not enough to wreck the story, but enough to pull a little attention away.

The book had some really good aspects as well.   I really liked the way the book was formatted.  It was divided into books that were broken into short chapters.  The view switched between following one of the four friends allowing the action to be covered from various locations.  There is a lot going on in the story and longer chapters could have made it seem like you were reading about the same time frame over and over.  I also enjoyed the characters, I didn't like all of them necessarily, but I think that was sort of the point.  There were times when they were jerks and the fact that I didn't like them spoke to the realism of their actions.  Finally the twist that is employed for the creation of the zombies, I'm not going to give anything away, I'll just say that it's not the typical government cover up of a super virus.

With the popularity of zombies right now I can see this book doing very well.  So if you are a fan on zombie and want a new twist on the creatures pick this one up.

For more info check out the book on Amazon or the publisher's website.


  1. hah, that looks fun! and intriguing...

  2. I don't read a lot of zombie stuff, but this was a good one. I'm very curious to see where the story goes