Friday, May 25, 2012

Kingdoms of Evil by Daniel Bensen review

The Kingdoms of Evil cast a shadow of death and horror over half a continent and Freetrick Feend is next in line to be their king.

A college student in a comfortable and civilized nation not so different from yours, Freetrick suddenly finds himself kidnapped by monsters, engaged to a dominatrix, and put in charge of a country where Maniacal Laughter is a performance art and Assassination a competitive sport, with extra points awarded for creative cruelty.

As the new focus of all evil in the world, Freetrick must survive court intrigues, well-justified foreign invasion, internal rebellions, and a looming environmental catastrophe that might just kill everyone anyway. Because in a land of constant shadow, what do the monsters eat?

Aside from each other.

The Kingdoms of Evil is an epic fantasy humor novel for those of us who root for the bad guy.

4 stars

Kingdoms of Evil has a very unique story to it.  In simple terms the world is divided into three parts good, neutral, and evil.  When a kid attending school on the good side of the world receives a letter telling him he is the newest overlord of evil he figures it's some kind of prank.  None of his friends will fess up and things change radically when a chariot that seems to feel pain arrives to take him to his new kingdom.

This book has a great story, but it takes a bit to get to it.  Early on when Skree is showing Feerborg the ropes his groveling is a bit long winded for my taste.  Later in the book there is enough other stuff going on that it doesn't become a distraction, early on however it really kind of drones for a bit.  After getting through the beginning Feerborg's time in the Kingdom of Evil the book really picks up in pace and brings some humor to the mix.  Everything in evil is done horribly inefficiently and since he was raised in the Kingdom of Good it bothers Feerborg immensely.  While he is trying to survive the seemingly national pastime of assassinating the Emperor his friends begin journey's of their own.

I'm giving this book a solid 4 stars since as I said if you make it through the early stuff you have a real gem of a story.  The magic in the Kingdom of Evil is pretty awesome and there are plenty of examples of it to get the reader interested.  The systems used by the other peoples are good too, but the Evil was by far the coolest.  If you're looking for a fantasy book that takes a look at the evil side of life, this is a great choice.  Feerborg isn't a bad guy, he could even be considered a good guy, but being surrounded by evil beings that he is expected to lead gives the story a different feel than most.

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  1. I actually love it, although I'm still only half done with it! :)
    I just came back to this page to share it, as it's been a while since I've seen an interesting fantasy book!

    1. I'm glad that you are enjoying the book Francois. Daniel is a good guy and will be stopping by here a little later this summer with a guest spot on his motivations for writing the book like he did.

    2. Fracois, did you read half of the thing in one night? Good (evil) God, man! I don't think I could do that :)

  2. Heh, this book sounds like a crack up! I always admire writers who can be humorous. Thanks for sharing your review!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Camille! I saw you as a member of the book club, hope you have a great time there with us.