Monday, June 4, 2012

Cameron's Law by Mia Darien review

Vampires are people, too.

Cameron's Law has made all supernatural creatures legal citizens, and the boy next door has suddenly become the werewolf next door. With Sadie Stanton, vampire and one of the public faces of the legislation, calling the little town of Adelheid, Connecticut home, it can't help but be a focal point for these once mythical beings.

But when vampires start attacking werewolves without provocation, Adelheid draws the attention of those that would seek to have Cameron's Law repealed and would send the preternaturals back into the shadows they used to hide in, but without the safety of their anonymity and their law.

Can Sadie keep the city's two biggest species from descending into chaos and war before it brings all of them to harm? And can she do it when she herself gets thrust into the spotlight?

4 stars

Cameron's Law is not a typical paranormal story involving vampires and werecreatures.  First off their existence has been revealed and the world is still reeling.  The book follows Sadie Stanton, one of the first vampires to reveal herself and a driving force behind the passage of Cameron's Law (the law making preternatural creatures citizens).  She runs a business helping the supernatural community and helping regular humans who have issues that may be supernatural.

Sadie is actually a pretty normal person, other than the liquid diet and no sunlight thing.  She is dealing with trying to get her office staffed with all of the special ability people she needs to be an effective force for the good of the people.  She is also recovering from heartbreak in the book meets an new potential love interest.  If you are familiar with my reviews you know that kind of plot development can be a bit of a turn off for me, but Mia does it in a way that doesn't bother me.  Sadie also has a pretty potent sarcastic streak which led to some amusing interactions between her and the other characters.  Overall this was a bit of a new take on using paranormal creatures in a book and I really enjoyed the premise.  I'll be checking into the second book fairly soon for sure.

For more info check out the book's Amazon page or visit the author's website.

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