Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sweet Dreams the Lyndsey Roughton Anthology is now available!!!

17 talented authors present their tales in order to raise funds for Lyndsey Roughton, a 27 year old currently suffering from an inoperable brain tumour.

Genres include dark fantasy, humour, sci-fi, and horror. The tales in this book will transport you to a different worlds!

Included in this anthology are the following:

Everyone Goes To Hell - Joseph Garraty
Here Be Monsters - Naomi Clark
The Easter Werewolf - Jason McKinney
A Season For Mickey Blayton - Chris Fraser
The Great Zombie Pot-Plant Thang - J H Sked

Descent - Mia Darien

Just how far would you descend into the darkness to bring back something you dearly loved? One woman, one witch, of Ancient Greece is about to find out.

Bakkian Chronicles, The Disneyland Debacle - Jeffrey Poole

An acrophobic pyrokinetic steps foot onto a high-speed roller coaster and leaves an impression that won't soon be forgotten!

The Desert - Richard Shury
Laid To Rest (A Cherry Garcia Story) - Leanne Fitzpatrick
The Garden - Renee Carter Hall
A Thief's Escape - Joseph Ochipinti
All Strung Out - Sky Corbelli
Cypher - Edward Larel
Hard Candy With Strudel & Tea - Jana Hill
Phantom Of The Night - Nicholas Ordinans
Summer Ghosts - Leigh Roughton
The Gene Priest - B. Throwsnaill

Sweet Dreams is the anthology where all of the funds go to the family of Lyndsey Roughton.  Lyndsey is a young woman in England who has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  Her dream has always been to travel around Thailand and Vietnam.  All of the proceeds of this book are going directly to her family in order to make her dream come true.  I have read most of the stories in this collection and they are excellent.  Please take a look and help give this young woman her dream vacation.

For more info on the collection check out JH Sked's blog, the author who organized all of this.  You can also check out more info on Lyndsey here.  Thank you to everyone who contributed a story and everyone who purchases a copy.  It's a wonderful thing to see so many people getting together to help a stranger in need.


  1. Is this available for the Nook? If so I will buy a copy tonight!

    1. From what I understand the book is going through the Smashwords distribution that will land it on the shelves at Barnes and Noble at some point soon, but I'm not sure exactly when that will be. Thanks for taking an interest though!!

  2. Hi Camille - I've spoken to the Foundation about putting it onto Smashwords; hopefully it happens soon. - J H Sked