Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review Troll or Derby by Red Tash

In Troll Or Derby, fifteen-year-old Roller Deb is singled out by town bullies for both her skates, and her sexual orientation. When her popular homecoming queen of a sister is kidnapped by a scuzzy drug dealer, Deb must flee the trailer park in which she's grown up, and rescue her. Along the way, Deb becomes enmeshed in the magical realm of trolls and fairies, and the blood-thirsty version of roller derby at which these beings excel. But spending too much time among the fairies comes with a price. Will Deb choose to save her sister, with the aid of a mysterious troll? Or will she be lost to the lures of roller derby, and the blonde temptress April, forever?

4.5 stars

Red Tash has taken some fairly standard character types (trolls, fairies, etc...) and done some pretty new crazy stuff with them.  When a young woman's shallow sister goes missing she begins to find things out about herself she never would have guessed.  Her (adopted) mother is screaming at her about how it is her job to protect her sister since that was the deal.  Deb, the young woman, begins a hunt for her sister that will unmask some strange realities in her world including the truth about her past.

The chapters in this book switch viewpoints from Deb to Harlow, her troll protector.  There were a few times where the time change that accompanied a view change took some time to reorient, but other than that it was a very useful tool enabling the reader to get a much broader view of the story.  The story's strength is in it's originality, the characters are great, the scenes well done, and the pacing is nearly perfect but having trolls and fairies living among us participating in roller derby really set this book apart for me.

For more info check out the book on Amazon or head over to Red's website.


  1. Thanks for the great review, Scott! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!

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    Have a great day!

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  2. Sorry Red, I totally forgot to include the link for the giveaway! That's what I get for pre-scheduling these things while half asleep.

    If anyone is interested in a HUGE prize pack themed around the book check out for more info

  3. I am fascinated with roller derby! Probably because I can't skate to save my life. This books sounds like a really cool urban fantasy. I've never seen an urban fantasy built around roller derby -- very original.

    1. It took some unexpected turns for sure. Red does things a bit different than most in her writing and it's a good thing for sure.

  4. I've seen some great things about this book - roll on payday!

  5. thanks for sharing.