Monday, July 2, 2012

Tapestry of Enchantment by Karen Ann Webb review

Buried in the past and scattered around a magician's well-guarded lair, pieces of an enchanted tapestry hold the secrets to unlocking the future. In the present, a group of questors struggle to find the knowledge to reassemble the tapestry and free a fallen friend from captivity. To do so, they must solve the puzzles hidden in the magicians lair, to collect pieces of the tapestry. But solving the puzzles required to find the missing tapestry pieces causes the questors to disappear, one by one. In the end, will there be anyone left to reassemble The Tapestry of Enchantment and save their comrade?

4 stars

Tapestry of Enchantment by Karen Ann Webb is the second book in the Adventures of the Carotian Union series.  The gang from The Chalice of Life (Book 1) has all returned including one new addition from the first book.  This story takes them to the land of Mosaia's ancestors.  They are there to save a distant relative from the evil magician Sigurd.  While battling Sigurd the group of heroes sees another glimpse of Syndycyr, the extremely powerful evil force that they feel is working against them on their quest.

I enjoyed this book a bit more than the first in the series.  The story picked up much quicker since almost all of the character introductions have been done.  The beginning and the end of the book still have a lot of the philosophical discussions between the group coming to terms with their differences.  Overall I would say the adventure is really starting to pick up and I am interested in seeing where the story will go in the remaining books.


  1. Sounds like a "who dunnit" crossed with fantasy. Very cool. Nice review, Scott!

  2. Thanks very much Camille. I believe this was planned as a fairly long series so there is a whole lot more to come from this one.