Monday, August 27, 2012

Clare Davidson stops by on her blog tour.

Today Clare Davidson is stopping by as part of her blog tour celebrating the release of her debut novel Trinity.  She will be discussing some of the authors that inspired her writing.

There are many inspirational authors out there, across every genre. However, pinpointing the ones that  directly inspire me as an author is a harder job than it sounds.

If I look back to my teens, two writers immediately spring to mind: Tamora Pierce and the late Lloyd Alexander.

I used to love the 'Song of the Lionness' books. Alanna was an amazing character: strong and gutsy, but with emotional fragility. I loved how Pierce combined action, intrigue and romance in her books, whilst creating a convincing world.

I adored Eilonwy, the feisty princess come scullery made with the red-gold hair, from Alexander's, 'The Chronicles of Prydain'. Many of my first heroines were modelled on her, until I was able to find my own voice. Alexander's stories opened my eyes to the vast realms of Celtic mythology. His writing was atmospheric with quick witted dialogue that spoke volumes about the characters.

At University, I was advised to read Pat Barker's 'Regeneration' trilogy. The first and last book  (Regeneration and The Ghost Road) have stuck with me ever since then. Filled with vivid imagery and raw  emotion, they are the only two books that have reduced me to tears in public. Trust me, it was a good thing. Part of the reason I read is to venture on an emotional journey with characters I love.

Around the same time, I discovered fantasy writer, Holly Lisle. At the time, she was still running the Forward Motion writing community, with its 'pay it forward' mantra. Lisle has been inspirational in terms of both her fiction and non-fiction writing courses and the new community that she has built up around those courses. Lisle's fantasy worlds are all deeply and convincingly developed, with epic themes and strong characters that you can really believe in.

There are many more authors who inspired me to create stories, worlds and characters of my own: far too many to mention! One thing they all have in common is the depth of their worlds and the emotional attachment I felt to their characters. My aim as a writer is to create equally believable worlds and rich characters.

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  1. I remember seeing the 'Regeneration' trilogy on bookshelves at school, I'll have to put it on my to read list! I also love Lisle's books, Talyn being my favourite :)