Saturday, August 18, 2012

Exciting opportunity for artists!!

G David Walker author of From a Far Land is holding an exciting contest for anyone who has some artistic skill. He is offering the chance to draw the races from his story series (more info found here) with the the person who draws closest to what he sees in his head winning a pretty great prize package.  For those keeping track that's 9 prize packages being given away.  Winners receive a $25 Amazon gift card, signed copies of all three books from the series (when they are published), kindle copies of the books, and full credit with contact info will be included in the books, on his facebook page, and in an RPG supplement download.  So if you are a struggling artist this is a way to get your name distributed pretty widely plus getting some great books and a gift card.

For all the info on the contest check out the contest info page on David's website.  Good luck to all who enter!

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Scott! Just to clarify, there are nine races, and the winner for each race will win one of the prize packages. Artists can enter for more than one race, so if an uber-talented artist were to win all nine of the race categories, they would walk away with over $200 in Amazon gift cards, plus the other prizes mentioned.