Monday, August 6, 2012

Review of The Academy Defenders by T.J. Robinson

Lincoln Thomas thought he was a perfectly normal twelve-year-old … until the night he slowed time to save his mom from a super-powered assassin. He learns he and his parents are part of a secret society known as the Guardians, real-life superheroes sworn to protect the world’s most important people. As the newest Guardian in the family, Lincoln is sent to the Atlas Academy to learn how to control his new powers.

Between making new friends, battling bullies and mythical creatures, and trying to survive the academy’s combat training program, Lincoln discovers someone is plotting against the Guardians—and whoever it is, they’re getting help from the inside. It’s up to Lincoln and his friends to unmask the traitor, but before they can, an army of rogue Guardians attacks the academy.

Not all Guardians are good, and Lincoln is about to find out just how bad they can be.

5 stars

The Academy Defenders tells the story of Lincoln Thomas, a 12 year old who just doesn't quite fit in.  After getting into a fight at school he is sitting in the office when news comes that he has a family emergency and must go home immediately.  Receiving the news that his grandfather has passed away begins his journey into a world that he can barely believe is possible.

His mother takes him into a secret room in their house and reveals that his family is part of the group known as the Guardians.  This group has existed since Ancient Egypt protecting the people the deserve their protection.  In order to allow them to their jobs they use special powers that give them an amazing range of abilities.  Lincoln's journey starts when he manifests a power while his mother is in danger making it necessary for him to be trained at The Academy.  Thanks to his new friends Lincoln is able to fit in at The Academy fairly quickly.

 I really enjoyed this book immensely.  A lot of the YA stuff I have been reading lately has ended disappointing me with either themes that I thought were a bit to adult for the intended audience or just a general weakness.  This book did not have either issue.  I really liked the characters and the way that Lincoln has a strong supporting cast.  There are some comedic moments and there is even a bit of a developing relationship, but it is kept at a good level considering the characters are 12-13 years old.

If you are a fan of YA fantasy or have a child/niece/nephew/whatever who is pick up a copy of this book.  It is not a decision that you will regret.

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