Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Review of A Kingdom's Fall: The Light of Epertase - Book Two by Douglas R. Brown with a giveaway!!

That which survives the initial assault may yet die from the infection left behind.

In the destroyed country of Lithia, the former Gildonese leader of the Lowlands, King Fice, has violently assumed the throne, filling the void left by the Tek destruction of the country. His unnatural powers of sway have become more potent and his influence is far-reaching.

The Tek invasion has also left a void within the kingdom of Epertase. The war has tested the once-great people and, with the venomous words of men Queen Alina considers friends, Epertase descends into revolution. Alina barely escapes with her life.

Once again, the kingdom needs a savior.

And once again Rasi will be forced to unleash the darker part of himself in order to save the woman he loves.

All is not what it seems. Victory may still mean defeat. The war for Epertase has only begun.

As a quick note Epertase Book I will be free on Amazon from Aug 1 to Aug 5 so it's a great chance to pick up a copy and see if the series is for you!!

5 stars

This review is based off of an ARC copy I received through the publisher for review.  Also if you haven't read the first book this review could contain spoilers for you, so be warned.

This book is one that I have been looking forward to since I finished reading the first almost a year ago.  Since I didn't reread the first book before diving into this one it did take me a couple of chapters to re-immerse myself into the world that Doug has created, but once I went under there was no coming back up.

The beginning of the book has some brutal turns as deals made in order to fight off the Teks are coming back to bite the Princess.  The Gildonese King, Fice, has taken land that should not belong to him and is making a move to oust the rightful rulers of Epertase as well.  His ability to sway the minds of those near him seems to be unnaturally potent even for one of his race.  When those that are most trusted by Alina begin to turn against her she must reunite with Rasi in order to save her kingdom from the dominion of those who wish her nothing but harm.

Once again in his writing Doug manages to completely absorb the reader into a world of complex political machinations, violent combat sequences, and the struggle of normal people to survive.  Rasi is a man whose life is defined by violence who wants nothing more than to become a peaceful farmer, taking care of his parents.  His amazing abilities combined with the unique straps he bears however give him alone the ability to challenge King Fice with any hope of victory.  Simcane has also returned using his special skills to aid Alina in her survival while her kingdom is taken from her.

Honestly this is a just a great series for fans on fantasy, and to celebrate the release Doug is holding a raffle to win a copy of Tamed and a $50 Amazon gift card.  Enter below and good luck.

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  1. Nice giveaway, Scott! I can't always figure out all the Rafflecopter options, but I gave it a shot!

    1. This giveaway is all Doug, Camille. It is a great giveaway though. He sent me the widget so I could include it if I wanted and I'm always willing to show giveaways and help out indie authors.

  2. Didn't know the first book is free. Very cool! Just picked up a copy. This series sounds interesting!