Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review of and coupon for FREE copies of Sulan by Camille Picott

Before I get to the review I just wanted to let everyone know that as part of her blog tour Camille has provided an exclusive coupon to readers of this blog.  Check out the book on Smashwords and use the coupon code EF64J to get your free copy, this coupon is only valid from Sept 8-10 so get your copy quickly.  

Sixteen-year-old Sulan Hom can’t remember life before the Default—the day the United States government declared bankruptcy. As a math prodigy, she leads a protected life, kept safe from the hunger and crime plaguing the streets of America. She attends the corporate-sponsored Virtual High School, an academy in Vex (Virtual Experience) for gifted children.

Beyond the security of Sulan’s high-tech world, the Anti-American League wages a guerrilla war against the United States. Their leader, Imugi, is dedicated to undermining the nation’s reconstruction attempts. He attacks anything considered a national resource, including corporations, food storage facilities—and schools. When Sulan witnesses the public execution of a teenage student and the bombing of a college dorm, she panics.

Her mother, a retired mercenary, refuses to teach her how to defend herself. Sulan takes matters into her own hands. With the help of her hacker best friend, Hank, Sulan acquires Touch—an illegal Vex technology that allows her to share the physical experience of her avatar. With Touch, Sulan defies her mother and trains herself to fight.

When Imugi unleashes a new attack on the United States, Sulan finds herself caught in his net. Will her Vex training be enough to help her survive and escape?

4.5 stars

In Sulan by Camille Picott the government has pretty much failed and mega corporations have stepped in to run things. The world is a pretty rough place with America having fallen way down the ladder in terms of power. Even a well to do family, like Sulan's, rarely sees fresh food. They live off of rationed cans that are provided to them because her father is a very important scientist. There is also an Anti-American League that bombs schools and destroys food shipments in order to keep America in it's place at the bottom.

Sulan attends one of the most prestigious schools there is and it is a totally virtual experience. She also wants nothing more than to actually learn to defend herself, but as her mother is an ex-mercenary she will not let her into that world. Sulan decides to get some black market tech in order to get some fighting experience that can help her in the real world.

I really enjoyed this book. The world was very easy to immerse myself into and it was difficult to come up for air. I even switched from reading the print copy to an ebook on my phone so I could continue to read through the night without disturbing my wife. The characters are well done with individual personalities, strengths, and flaws. The thing that may have been my favorite (besides Riska) is the fact that the pacing is so well done. There are mysteries in the story that are slowly peeled away, but while not everything is uncovered by the end of this book there is not feeling of an incomplete story. I'm hooked on this series and my only regret is that since the first book just released I'm sure I'll have a bit of a wait until I get to see book 2.


  1. Thanks so much for participating in the blog tour, Scott!

  2. I like your summary of this book, good review, I'm definitely going to check this out.