Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review of Innocent Darkness by Suzanne Lazear

A hoverboard appeared in her rearview mirror. “This is the Los Angeles Air Patrol,” a voice boomed. “I command you to land your vehicle in the name of the law.”
Noli Braddock and her best friend V’s incident with a flying auto have landed them in a heap of trouble. And when Noli is sent to a spirit-squelching reform school in San Francisco, she’s sure that her rebellious adventures are over.

Meanwhile, Kevighn Silver has been ordered by the Faerie Queen to bring a mortal girl back to the Otherworld. The magic requires a blood sacrifice every seven years, and only a mortal girl who shines with the Spark—a girl like Noli—will keep the Otherworld from complete destruction.

When an ill-timed wish sends Noli tumbling into the Otherworld, she’s more homesick than ever . . . until V arrives to save her from an untimely demise. But who exactly is V? And if he helps Noli escape, who will save the realm of Faerie from utter annihilation?

3 stars

The premise of Innocent Darkness had me very excited.  The idea of mixing steampunk with the world of faeries is fantastic, and the book started out very strongly . Unfortunately my interest in it faded a bit as the book progressed.  Early in the story there was a lot of the technology that seems familiar in the steampunk genre.  The deeper I got into the book though the more that faded and romance took over the story.  While that is not a bad thing, it really does not work for me personally.

The characters weren't bad and Noli's neighbor was probably my favorite.  The way the realm of the Fairie were linked was an interesting twist that added a unique level to the book.  Overall there were a lot of positives to the book just not enough to overcome the romance angle for me.


  1. Nice review, Scott! I just added this to my GR shelf. Sounds like my cup of tea. :) Sorry you didn't enjoy the romance angle, but thanks for sharing it!

  2. I always realize that just because it doesn't appeal to me doesn't make it bad. That's why I try to be as positive as possible about books that are a bit too heavy romantically for me to fully enjoy. It's not an inherent flaw in the writing it's just a bit of conflict of interest. It still deserves a fair shake. Hope you enjoy it!