Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wolverine's Daughter by Doranna Durgin review

Kelyn of Ketura.

Daughter of a legendary warrior who left the mountains before she was born. Brave. Strong. Tempered by her struggle to survive in the hostile, craggy Keturan mountains. And plagued by moments of enormous and puzzling clumsiness.

"Find your father," the local wisewoman tells her. "To find your true self, find the Wolverine."

Angered by his abandonment, Kelyn doesn't care about her father--but the lure of adventure in the Out Lands calls to her, just as it called to the Wolverine before her, and she accepts the challenge.

New languages, new weapons. Magic. Witch hunts. The treacheries of civilization. She doesn't know just how much of a challenge it'll be.

4 stars

Wolverine's Daughter by Doranna Durgin tells the story of Kelyn of Ketura.  A young lady who has had to work extra hard to survive in her harsh mountain environment because she is cursed with clumsiness.  When her mother, the only thing keeping her around, passes away she goes out in search of her father.  The local wisewoman tells her that this is the only way to remove the curse of her clumsiness.

This is a pretty straightforward example of a sword and sorcery book.  The characters aren't exceptionally deep and the plot is driven by the action more than anything.  The story flows well and Wolverine was an interesting addition to the story and really helped advance the story of the curse.  If you are a fan of action based stories than this should be right up your alley.  It has all the elements of a classic fantasy tale: romance, evil wizards, mercenaries, and a main character trying to resolve some kind of personal flaw.

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  1. I remember this book. It was pretty good.

    I liked the Wolverine character, too. Good sword & sorcery story!