Thursday, October 18, 2012

Intrusive Memory by Leonardo Noto FREE!!

Intrusive Memory is the true story of how I overcame a severely disabling case of PTSD to realize my dream of becoming a physician. This book is not for the faint-of-hearted. It begins in a coldly sterile mental hospital, where I spent much of my childhood after being removed from my home by Child Protective Services, and then whirls the reader through a grand cascade of pathological environments, including a violent military school and a Mississippi jail cell. This is the story of how I fought against the odds and against my inner demons to claw my way through college and into medical school, where I graduated in the top of my class!

Free this weekend 19-21 at Amazon.  I haven't gotten around to reading this, but it sounds like a fascinating story of overcoming adversity.

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  1. Hi Scott. Thanks for posting this; I love your blog! There is a slight correction to the dates (my fault) and the promotional giveaway will now be starting on Saturday Oct 20th and ending on Wednesday Oct 24th.

    Dr. Leonardo Noto

    Author: Intrusive Memory, The Life of a Colonial Fugitive, and The Cannabinoid Hypothesis.