Saturday, October 6, 2012

Now available: Bakkian III, the wait is over

For those that have been around the blog for a while I'm sure you are familiar with Mr. Jeffrey Poole, as he is a pretty regular guest here.  Today the long awaited conclusion to his Bakkian Chronicles has hit Amazon with the other retailers to follow upon completion of Smashwords meatgrinder process.  Celebrate by getting your copy today!  Also I was privileged enough to be a beta reader for this book and for the fans of the series you will not be disappointed.

Realizing they can no longer keep the future king safe, bodyguards Steve and Sarah escort the Lentarian prince, Mikal, back to his home world to not only determine the best course of action, but also to verify the king and queen haven’t become targets themselves.

In Mikal's home world, dragon raids are on the rise. The dwarves are preparing to go to war, and the evil sorcereress has managed to reach across time and space to attack Mikal on his protector's home world. Their only hope to save Mikal from Celestia and her minions lies with the recovery of a piece of an ancient talisman believed lost centuries ago. Having the ability to enhance the holder's jhorun, namely their magical talent, to unheard of levels, the amulet pieces must be found before they fall into the wrong hands.

But are they too late? Don’t miss the exciting final chapter in the Bakkian Chronicles!

Pick up your copy at Amazon today.