Thursday, November 22, 2012

Free book: A Game Before the Darkness by Joe Ollinger

Today you can pick up a free copy of A Game Before the Darkness by Joe Ollinger on Amazon. Be sure to take advantage of the special offer and pick up a good book to read after you indulge on you Thanksgiving feast (get the book even if you aren't doing the Thanksgiving thing who doesn't love free books).

Topin Pyndr is a prodigy at the Game -- a test of skill, concentration, and mental clarity that has been revered by his society since the beginning of its history. But sentiment is changing, and a new political movement and its charismatic leader threaten to end the Game.

Convinced that it has some unknown meaning, Topin sets out to find the truth, only to discover that the Game is much more important than he could have suspected: it holds the only means of preventing humanity's extinction.

As Topin is hunted by the society he is trying to save, he faces a journey to the farthest reaches of his world, and into the secret depths of its history.

A Game Before the Darkness is a science fiction adventure suitable for adult and young adult readers.

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