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Giveaway and guest post by Philip Sharp author of Not in the Wind, Earthquake, or Fire

 In 2006 I deployed for the second time for combat operations to the nation of Iraq. During that time I kept a journal of many of those events that we were going through. The area our unit operated in was known as the "Triangle of Death", a hot bed of activity and sanctuary for the insurgency. The Iraqis called it, "The Graveyard of the Americans". During this deployment 21 soldiers from Task Force Polar Bear (4-31 Infantry, Fort Drum, NY) were killed, 3 were captured, and far more were wounded. Just before our year was up we were told that our tour was being extended. By the time we got home we were but a shell of our former selves. It is in these conditions that I recorded those events, reflected on the reality of life, and vented over the circumstances.

This book took longer to write than I had anticipated though. When I first began I relied primarily on my memory and the memory of some others to piece together all the events. I began to consult my journal that I kept from that time and continued to do so more frequently each time. It finally dawned on me. Why not just put the journal in the book? I mean, I was practically doing it anyway. At first, I was excited because half of the book was written for me already. What I did not anticipate was the effect my journal would have on me. Reading through it again and typing the words was like reliving the whole deployment all over again. I would hit moments were I did not want to continue. Months would go by and I would have to force myself to pick up where I left off and carry on the writing. It took me 3 drawn out years to complete a book that was half written to begin with. Through it all, though, it has been a painful therapy for me.

What will you find in Not in the Wind, Earthquake, or Fire? You will see the daily life of combat soldiers and the conditions they worked under. Readers will see triumphs and victories, sorrows and defeats, and an in-depth look at holding on to hope when none is easily given. There is also a sincere examination of the human costs and a look at the lives of soldiers once they return back home. This is an honest first-hand account about the war, its psychological impacts, and what the cost really was.

Not in the Wind, Earthquake, or Fire is not only a book about the Iraq War; it is also a testimony of a soldier's walk with God during those times. Many spiritual lessons are carefully recounted that I learned while deployed there. I put my heart and tears into writing this book. I want to break the hearts and summon the tears of all who read it. Any reader that is interested in cutting through the glossed over and hyped up images of Iraq and seeing a soldier's walk with God unfold in an unforgiving atmosphere will want this book.

About the Author:

Philip Sharp has served for 20 years in the US Army Infantry during which he graduated from Ranger School, completed 22 parachute jumps, and served as a Drill Sergeant. He has worked in a variety of locations to include South Korea and the jungles of Panama. He deployed to Iraq three separate times from 2003 until 2010. He has published articles and war game simulations in Strategy & Tactics magazine and currently is a contributing columnist for Modern War magazine. Philip is retired from active duty service and now lives in West Virginia with his wife Heather and four children were they are creating an all-natural farm and serving in church ministries.

Not in the Wind, Earthquake, or Fire
6” x 9” Trade Paperback
260 Pages
Suggested Retail $14.95
Published: July 24, 2012
Iraq War/Religion & Spirituality
ISBN: 1470159988
ISBN-13: 978-1470159986

Not in the Wind, Earthquake, or Fire is available on and other online retailers in print, as a Kindle download, and the B&N Nook and other e-book readers. Book stores and vendors can also order through the worldwide distribution of Ingram Book Company (, 1-800-937-8200).

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  1. This sounds like an interesting and emotional read. Thank you for your service and for allowing Christ to work in your life through difficult situations.