Sunday, November 18, 2012

Guest post by Andrew Critchell author of The Dark Rider

If you had asked me when I was little if I wanted to spend a large chunk of my life sitting at a desk and staring into a computer screen all day, doing a tedious job which I have fundamentally no interest in, then I probably would have laughed in your face. However, this is what I have found myself doing now for sixteen years, bar two failed escape attempts!

So how did this happen? What makes someone do something they basically hate day-in, day-out? And what is the cost?

These are the questions plaguing Nicola, one of the main characters in my novel ‘The Dark Rider,' because at the start of the story she is in the same boat as me, yet at 23, she has years on her side (I’m now 38). Nicola works in banking, but has a passion for the natural environment and wants to help stop its destruction. However something is stopping her, so she continues to submit to the false god and stay in ‘a job that slowly kills you’ to quote Radiohead... Nicola is lucky as she does escape. But not in a way she could ever have foreseen, for it is rather fantastical (of course!). To reveal more would give too much away....!

So, that is part of the inspiration behind the story, revealing those fears and then meeting someone who tells you to go get your dreams, to reach for the stars because you only have one life and why waste it, why act as it you have endless tomorrows? Part of me hopes this will plant a seed in your mind so that you realise your ambitions (if you have not already!), same as I will never give up aiming for mine.

There is another theme too. I mentioned Nicola’s desire to fight for the natural environment and, although the battles in my story are mythical, there is a real war being waged now by real people. One of these is Greenpeace’s campaign right now to save the Arctic. I encourage anyone to take a look at

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THE DARK RIDER – Book One of the Fading Light contemporary fantasy series.

Many years ago a secret was shared between a woman and a young boy, for she believed he was the one. Now that she is dying the time has come. The secret must be revealed, and the boy awakened to realise a prophecy that has lain unfulfilled for nearly two millennia.

On holiday in Cornwall, a young woman is plagued by visions of a warrior on horseback. As the rider steps from her dreams and into reality, two worlds collide and the nightmare begins. Pursued by sinister agents she finds herself in a race against time, yet it Is unclear who are friends and who is the enemy.

As evil closes in from all sides they must choose well, for the fate of both worlds hangs in the balance. Failure will cost much more than just their lives.

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