Friday, November 9, 2012

Review of Starlight by Arshad Ahsanuddin

The Triangle

Anchorpoint City, 2082. Half a year after the death of his lover Takeshi, Rory remains devastated, deflecting Nick's attempts to draw him out. Lorcan takes it upon himself to coax Rory back to life. Then an innocent gesture of affection explodes into a sensational scandal, forcing them to make choices they would otherwise never have considered. Will their friendship survive the pressure of Nightwalker politics, or will their relationship be just another casualty of war?

The Spacers

In memory of his love for Tobias, Rafael became Antonio's closest friend and ally, supporting his protégé's advancement in the Spacer Guild despite Nick's deep disapproval. Captain of the Jumpvessel Singularity, Antonio has spent his entire adult life navigating the void between the stars, blissfully avoiding any part of the fate for him in the war between the White Wind and the Red. Mentor and student are reunited when Antonio returns home on the one hundredth anniversary of his father's death, intending to stay only long enough to pay his respects to a man he never had a chance to know and the family he left behind. But in a world where immortality is commonplace, death is not always what it seems, and destiny is not so easily cast aside.

The Spy

Razheel has served the Court of Shadows with honor for over a century as the Night's Herald, never openly taking sides in the divide between Nightwalker and Daywalker alliances. Now, after thirty thousand years of conflict, something new walks the Earth, which may be the greatest weapon yet in the battle between the races. As Antonio's fate becomes clear, she steps seamlessly into the role of revolutionary, and her carefully planned insurrection will set the Nightwalker race on the path to final victory, or to total extinction.

4 stars

This review will contain some spoilers if you are unfamiliar with the series.

Starlight is the fourth book in the Pact Arcanum series by Arshad Ahsanuddin.  Since this series deals with a lot of immortal characters mixed in with humans and Sentinels with normal lifespans  by this point in the series there are some new characters that are becoming featured as the original characters age and die off.

This series is still going strong and keeping me entertained.  I know that it is almost ready to be wrapped up and this is one series that I'm sure to miss.  Honestly this series is fantastic for anyone who enjoys urban fantasy or modern paranormal.  Honestly I'm not sure I can heap any praise on this book that hasn't already been said in my review for the other book in this series.  Arshad has gotten a fan for life in me and I'm excited to see where he goes with his writing when he completes this series.


  1. The description kind of reminds of the Iliad, with the mixture of immortals and mortals. Definitely sounds cool.

    1. Libby,

      I think the Pact Arcanum series is amazing, and for me to say that really is something since it's classified as romance. Arshad has done a great job especially releasing shorts that help explain certain aspects in more detail.