Monday, November 26, 2012

Review of Ticket to Hollywood by Gary Reilly

In Ticket to Hollywood, the second of 11 comic novels about Denver cab driver Brendan Murphy, a.k.a “Murph,” a young woman on the way to a showing of The Great Gatsby leaves her purse behind in Murph’s Rocky Mountain Taxi Cab #127—and then goes missing. Murph finds himself confronted by police and loses his job. He becomes entangled with filmmakers and makes his way to Los Angeles in search of the lost woman and in desperate need to restore his reputation and regain normalcy, which in Murph’s case means doing as little as possible. Ticket to Hollywood follows the June, 2012 debut of The Asphalt Warrior. The first volume of Murph’s adventures rose to #3 on The Denver Post best-seller list.

4 stars

Ticket to Hollywood tells the story of a Denver cabdriver who dreams of being a writer.  Murph has been been writing a long time and trying to find the perfect existence where he has to do as little as possible.  Driving a cab seems to be his perfect job, he only works a few days a week, very little physical effort, and it gets him enough money to get by.  When he violates his rule about not getting involved in his fares lives he finds himself under suspicion for murder then dealing with a young lady's desire to be a Hollywood actress.  

This book was a fairly quick and enjoyable read.  Murph is an every man character who is easy to relate to and has a bit of an amusing wit to him.  His total lack of ability to stick to his policy of not getting involved with his fares causes him endless frustration but ensures that the book has plenty of entertaining scenarios to keep the reader going.  

From what I understand the author was able to write eleven books featuring the cab driving escapades of Murph before his untimely death.  This book was good enough for me to want to look into the rest of the series as it becomes available.  As of right now the only other book published is The Asphalt Warrior.

Ticket to Hollywood should be available on Amazon December 3.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words about "Ticket to Hollywood." Wish we could publish the whole series at once, but they will all come to the light of day soon! Best, Mark Stevens (Running Meter Press)