Thursday, December 6, 2012

Free book and guest post by Elizabeth Baxter

Today we have author Elizabeth Baxter back for a second time to let us know about her new fantasy series The Wrath of the Northmen.  The first book, titled Everwinter, will be free from Dec 7-9 so be sure to stop by Amazon and pick up your copy!!  Now to get a bit of background here is a guest post from Bramwell, the main character of Everwinter, about winter.

Memories of Snow by Bramwell Thornley from Everwinter

I remember the first time I saw snow. I must have been about nine years old and it was one of the weirdest and most exciting things I'd ever seen in my short life. Here in Ral Tora, we hardly ever get snow. Winters are mild, with an increase in wind and rain the only thing to differentiate them from summer. Falen is always telling me that us Ral Torans are soft. “You’ve not known a winter until you’ve known a Varisean winter, Bramwell Thornley,” she likes to say. She reckons that in in the north it gets so cold the air can freeze in your lungs. I'm pretty sure she's having me on with that one.

When I was nine years old we had a freak winter storm. I woke to my mother shouting up the stairs, telling me to look out the window. As I pulled back the curtains, I saw that the streets of Ral Tora had disappeared beneath a sea of white. The sky was a white blanket high above and this funny soft stuff was falling from it. Without waiting to get dressed, I pelted down the stairs, through the living room, and into the street. I stood there in my pyjamas, socks soaking through with icy water, staring up in wonderment as great big fat flakes landed on my skin.

My mother dragged me back inside long enough for me to get dressed and put on a thick coat and boots, then I was back outside with the other children from the street, rolling in the drifts and throwing snowballs at each other and anyone else daft enough to get in our way. I remember that day as clear as yesterday. We spent hours outside building snowmen, stealing our mother scarves to dress them, and chasing each other through the white powder until our noses and cheeks were bright red and our chests heaved with the effort. But it didn't last long. Two days later, the wind changed direction, blowing the cold air to the north, where it should be.

I cried the day my snowman melted into a puddle. Now of course, it’s always snowing. The everwinter has covered the land and I can only shake my head at that naive child that loved the snow so much. Falen can no longer call Ral Torans soft. Now we walk around with scarves pulled up and thick coats on, just like the northerners do. I’m sick of snow. I'm sick of the cold, the dark, the ice. But part of me will always be that little kid, looking at something for the first time with a spark of excitement in my belly. Maybe that’s how I’ll feel when summer comes round again. We’ll see.

Elizabeth Baxter

Everwinter, Book 1 of epic fantasy series, The Wrath of the Northmen is available at Amazon FREE Dec 7-9!!  For more special promos check out

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The powers of old and new are on a collision course in the land of Thanderley. Ancient gods have broken free of their imprisonment and cursed the lands with a terrible winter, a scourge that is sweeping science and the new ways from the earth. In the city of Ral Tora, Bramwell, a young engineer, battles to save his home from the encroaching ice. But there will be no exceptions. The gods will reclaim what was theirs and destroy any who oppose them.

Once more, the balances are tipped. Magic and science cannot exist in harmony, yet Bramwell must master both to save everything he loves from destruction.

Everwinter is the first novel of the fantasy series, The Wrath of the Northmen.

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