Sunday, December 2, 2012

Guest post with Logan Rutherford author of the Visitors Trilogy

Hey everybody!

My name is Logan Rutherford, I am seventeen-years-old, and I am a published author. Now, that may sound crazy to you, but hey, back in ye’ olden days, twelve-years-old were captains of ships, and nobody batted an eyelash. It used to be 0-12 was considered a child, and if you were 13+, you were considered a man/woman. So to me, it’s not all that extraordinary. I’m just part of the minority of teenagers that believes that there’s more to life than the new Call of Duty game. I mean, I have no problem with it, but I know that I’d never get anything else done if I played video games. I have a hard enough time as it is getting writing done.

My days usually go like this: Wake up, go for walk, school, work, come home at around six, supper, check emails, and by that time it’s usually around nine. If my friends ask me to go hang out with them, then you can forget writing. It’s really hard to juggle all these things, but I love it. I wouldn’t change it for a thing. I usually do my writing late at night, and until early in the morning. I make up for the days that I did not get any writing done on Fridays. I write 7,000-10,000 words on Fridays. Some times during the week when I’m not busy, I can write anywhere from 2,000-7,000 words. So basically, I don’t get much sleep.

After a couple months of doing all that writing, the book somehow gets finished. I’m able to send it off to my editor, and relax for a week or two. I know that most people say that while your book is with your editor, you should start writing the second one. Well, that’s what ‘they’ say, but I don’t know who they are, and ‘they’ aren’t my parents, so I don’t listen to ‘them’. I take a break, and relax. Although, I don’t think a writer can do that, because were always thinking up ideas for the next book, series, and marketing strategies. So, it’s really not all that relaxing, but it’s better than beating yourself over the head for not spending your precious writing time to its fullest.

Once I get my book from my editor, I rejoice, and then apply the edits, and do my own last bit of editing. Then, it’s on to the publishing stage! Some people have different ideas on what is the hardest part about the entire process. For me, it’s the publishing. At first it was hard to get the hang of formatting a book, and it’s still a bit of a challenge to get everything right. And formatting for paperback? Talk about pulling your hair out. Not only that, but you have to market, market, market. Finding book blogs that are accepting reviews is a major pain. I’ve spent hours scouring the internet for them. But book bloggers are really the key to success. This all just wouldn’t be possible without them.

Even though at times it’s really stressful, being an indie author is tons of fun. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s really taught me a lot of things that I think are really helpful for a seventeen-year-old to know. It’s taught me how to be professional, and how to take criticism, which I think are two of the most important things you could know.

That’s all that I’ve got for you guys today. I wanna say thanks to Scott for having such an awesome book blog, and for having me on today. He’s helped me find a few books that I really like. Thanks for having me, and happy reading.

The White House has been engulfed by the shadow of a mysterious ship. Days go by, and the Visitors make no contact, until one day, they leave. Suddenly the Earth goes still. Billions of people disappear at once. There’s no trace as to where the vast population has gone. Seventeen-year-old Charlie Freeman and his cousin Alex, are two of the few left behind. While fighting for survival they join a girl named Sarah on her journey to Washington D.C. to rescue her little brother. The path they walk is riddled with the horrors, and strange creatures. They must overcome great obstacles before ending their treacherous journey. The Intruders is the first book in the Visitors Trilogy, and is approximately 55,500 words. The book has been professionally edited and proofread for you reading pleasure. It is a Young Adult, Action Adventure, Apocalyptic novel, and contains violence, mild language, and frightening scenes. Reader discretion is advised.

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