Monday, December 31, 2012

Review - Well of the Damned by K.C. May

Having banished the demon released from its prison by his defeated nemesis Ravenkind, Gavin Kinshield faces new challenges: a magical barrage by Ravenkind's grieving mother and an age-old mystery whose time has come to be revealed.

A former member of an elite battlers' guild, Cirang Deathsblade has a dark past. She sits in gaol, awaiting the new king's sentence for her terrible crimes... but she's not who he thinks she is.

In exchange for leniency, Cirang leads Gavin to a centuries-old, hidden journal that holds the secrets of ancient kings and a magical wellspring with its own dark past... and an even more terrible future.

5 stars

When I read that K.C. May had decided to write a third and fourth book in her Kinshield Saga I was stoked. I have been a big fan of her writing since I read the first book in the series and was very curious to see what her next project was going to turn out to be.

Can the rough brawling warrant knight turned king manage a kingdom, a relationship, and deal with a surprise enemy from his past? This book continues the story as well as the quality of writing that I have come to expect from K.C. May. Gavin is still a great guy and I'm always rooting for him. It's amusing to me to see how he has difficulty dealing with the behavioral expectations for a ruler with his much rougher background. There is also more background given about Sithral Tyr and how he got to where he was in the earlier books.

Overall this is an extremely strong continuation to an already fantastic series. The plot twists keep things interesting and while there are some problems that get resolved more pop up and make it so that the next book in the series can't come soon enough.

Get your copy from Amazon now or start the series with The Kinshield Saga, an omnibus containing the first two books in the series with a bonus novella.