Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review - The Bane of the Liche Lord by D.P. Prior

All hell has broken loose in the Forest of Tar. Thousands of demonic Feeders consume everything in their path, but top of the menu is dwarf flesh.

Nils has been captured by the Liche Lord Otto Blightey but would sooner be dead, and Nameless is on the run, carrying a warning of doom to the last of his people.

As the Liche Lord and his horde of Feeders relentlessly pursue him, there is little time for Nameless to settle old scores, mend bridges, and pray that the survivors of his butchery at Arx Gravis can forgive him just enough for him to save them.

Only problem is, he’s not sure he has the strength or the courage for the task.

With the sentient Axe of the Dwarf Lords as petrified as everyone else, the last hope of the dwarves lies in the hands of a shapeshifting assassin with a reputation for self-preservation at all costs.

5 stars

Bane of the Liche Lord is the 5th and final installment in the Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf.  Still trying to earn a measure of redemption for the terrible acts he committed while under the influence of a dark axe Nameless is trying to save the remainder of his people from the hazards of Qlippoth as well as the liche Otto Blightey.

This series has improved with every consecutive story.  In my opinion this is the strongest of the series by far.  It reveals a lot more about Nameless and his past as well as some of the history of the dwarves in general.  Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf is a series worth checking out for any fan of epic fantasy.  The series is also available in a single collection for a better price.

D.P. Prior is definitely emerging as a standout author in new wave of self publishing.  You won't be sorry for checking out one of his stories.

Get this final installment on Amazon or pick up the entire series in The Nameless Dwarf Complete Collection.

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