Friday, January 11, 2013

Review - Fighting the Forgiven by Jarrah Loh

Cageside Chronicles: Tommy Knuckles Trilogy: Book 2

The fiction book series that UFC & MMA fans have been waiting for!

The story continues as Tommy Knuckles travels to beautiful Brazil in an incredible journey to fight the ghosts of his trainer’s past. As secrets are unveiled, he’ll discover new friends, amazing adventures, and come face to face with the rival of a lifetime.

5 stars

Tommy has moved from his small town and Mexico and established himself on the regional MMA circuit.  Now it's time for him to step up in competition and fight in the UCF.  When his second fight is to take place in Brazil he travels down early to spend time with his Vegas trainer's family and learn BJJ from a very respected dojo.

This was another great book in the saga of Tommy Knuckles.  I really enjoyed the character growth that Tommy displays as he lives and learns in Brazil.  His adversary, Diego, is also an interesting character.  I could see myself despising him and rooting against him with everything I had were he a real fighter.  Which probably means he would be wildly popular with everyone else.

Jarrah continues to use his intimate knowledge of MMA to believable characters, training, and fights that can appeal to a much wider audience than just MMA fans.  I have already read the third book in the series and this may be the fastest I have gone through a series in a long time.

Pick up your copy on Amazon or get the first book in the series on Amazon here.

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