Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review - Fighting the Storm by Jarrah Loh

The young adult fiction series for the warrior at heart.

Exactly what UFC & MMA fans have been waiting for!

The saga begins with the lonely Mexican teenager, Tommy, who's been beaten up his whole life. But when ghosts emerge from his dead father's boxing past, a new world of adventure, love and pain awaits as he learns to fight his way across the border to his father's homeland, and into the famed cages of Las Vegas.

Tommy lowered his head again. "I'm not a fighter," he said. "Maybe you are, maybe you ain't," shrugged the man. "Maybe you just don't know it yet."

5 stars

First off a little disclaimer, I love MMA.  I watch as much as I can including the smaller regional stuff that I can find.  That being said this book was right up my alley.  The book starts off showing Tommy getting beaten up my some local toughs in his small town in Mexico.  Furthering revelations show that though Tommy's father was a fighter he died a few years back and his mother doesn't want Tommy to have anything to do with fighting.  As often fighting happens, Tommy ignores his mother and stops by his Uncle's gym to see a famous boxer who is returning to his roots to scout some talent.

Tommy is taken in by Sonny, an old friend of his dad's and begins to learn to box.  He shows a real talent for everything involved and begins to feel confident about his skills.  When a street fight shows him how limited his boxing really is he decides to come to America to train MMA.

I really enjoyed this book for a lot of reasons.  First off the author, Jarrah Loh, has an impressive background with MMA so the book has a gritty realistic feel.  Second, Tommy is a great character.  While the whole concept of a kid from the wrong side of town growing up to be a fighter isn't really new turf the character is done so well that it feels fresh.  Third, the fights.  The fights are written so that it is easy to visualize everything that is happening inside the ring/cage.  Jarrah also doesn't assume that everyone who reads the book is an expert and makes everything accessible to anyone.

This is a series that I will be finishing for certain and an author that I will watch for more stuff from.

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