Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Red Gate by Richard Sutton review

It’s an historically-inspired tale that begins late Summer, 1911 in Western Co. Mayo, Ireland. It begins, oddly enough with an unexplained drowning and a muddy fall. For a traditional Irish farming family, a chain of strange events leads them to uncover ancient buried secrets about themselves and their place in the greater world. As the greed and ambition of an unfolding plan begins to threaten their very lives, what will become of their home and it’s hidden legacy? What will become of their sheep? It's a rousing story of how one family confronts adversity and survives to enjoy another day with help coming from allies they didn't know they had! In these times, people who read will enjoy the change of pace and place and all the comfort that’s in it.

3 stars

The Red Gate begins with the body of a man being discovered.  It then goes back in time a bit and starts to follow a simple Irish family.  When a sinkhole appears in one of the pastures Finn is almost sucked in.  He manages to survive long enough for his father to come find him and take him home.  Upon arrival Finn discovers a strange bead that must have been from the mud around the hole.

When Finn and his father make their normal trip to town to stock up on supplies they find out an archaeologist is around looking at some stone pillars.  They show him the bead and he is so amazed by it he pockets it, telling Finn it's worthless.  What follows is mystery and intrigue as the professor tries to use the bead to further his own ambitions and Finn and his father excavate the hole to find a very strange chamber.

This is a great book for fans of historical fiction, but I found that parts of it drug a bit for me.  The characters are pretty well done though, I really liked Finn and seriously disliked the professor who was trying to take advantage of him.  I will say however that the end really picked up, there is a bit of mystery revealed and I'm very curious to see where the rest of the series ends up.

For more info check out the book on Amazon, or check out the author's homepage.

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