Monday, February 11, 2013

Guest Post with Raphyel Jordan author of Prossia

Have you ever gotten the chance to ask an artist how long they've been drawing or painting? If I could see you in person, I'd bet ten dollars they'd probably say they've been an artist his/her entire life. Why? Because I could get a pretty snazzy meal for ten bucks.

In all seriousness, having that artistic niche isn't something that just "grows" on a person over time. No, it's something that's always been there, and was more than likely fueled at an early age. Why, I remember my first drawing. It all started long ago. . .

Yep. Story time!

When I was three, my five year old brother drew a cowboy. I thought it looked cool, I wanted did the same. No, no, I'm not about to tell you the finished drawing would hail me to be the next Raphael or anything like. . . oh wait. My name IS Raphyel, so that's pretty cl–. . . oh, you know what I mean! >_<

Anyway, my mom, being the perfect mother she is, told me how great the drawing was, so I kept doing it. Next thing, before I knew it, I'm drawing superheroes on the chalk board during free time in Kindergarten at the age of 5, and the entire class is staring at the picture wide eyed when I turn around to see what everybody else is doing.

Not much later, I noticed that I had a little more attention to detail than most of the other kids when we were in art class. Where children drew dots for eyes, I actually gave pupils. Eventually, while they still placed heads on a shoulders, I was giving people necks and collar bones. And finally, when everyone else had moved on to their own passions, I thought the best birthday present I got was from my oldest brother, who gave me a giant sketch pad and professional set of colored pencils.

When my friends were talking about going to school for engineering, I was looking at art schools for animation. Sadly, the animation thing didn't work out, but graphic design wasn't a bad secondary option. Needless to say, I love to draw. It's my passion that kept getting pushed and fueled just because people would take a moment to pause at my drawings and go "wow."

Thing is, while I was perfecting my craft when I as a kid, I had this other little hobby I liked to dabble in from time to time: storytelling. When I was little, I wrote numerous graphic novels to coincide with my art, all which my mother has perfectly guarded and kept to this day, thank you. ;) See, I didn't only want to draw people. I wanted to give them life, a setting, a purpose. That's probably why I wanted to be an animator so badly. What better way is there for an artist to bring his characters to life than with movement?

So, when this book called "Prossia" came into my brain at the age of 19, it was second nature for me to visualize the creatures and the world the story was set in. I've been blessed with this gift, where not only can I imagine what these aliens and other creatures look like, but I can let others see what my mind envisions as well.

Seeing that malicious smirk on Cy's face, making people wonder if he's just a nice guy with an attitude, or a manipulator with ill-intent ready to execute his next move. Or how about getting a wink that Catty would naturally give if she knows she's posing for a pic? And then there's being able to see Aly's gray eyes, which the book describes as being "brighter than a full moon." When people see these images after reading the book, I can't help but smile when I see their jaws drop.

"Wow, they look so real. Look at their eyes!" tends to be the most common statement I get. And when somebody, like me, is writing about aliens from another galaxy fighting in a galactic war, being able to break into the realm of reality for people is such a reward in its own. I love to write, but I love to draw, and being able to share that part of me with others is the best gift ever. Who would've thought it all started with me drawing a cowboy, and believing people when they said, "That's really good,"?

Check out more of Raphyel work on his webpage or his deviant art page.


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