Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Review - Air Keep (Farworld #3) by J. Scott Savage

The adventure continues…

It’s been six months since Marcus and Kyja obtained the help of the land and water elementals. But before they can get help from the mysterious air elementals they have to figure out how to open a box with no key.

Together, Marcus and Kyja travel into the Is, the Was, the Will Be, and the Never Was as they try to open the box, save their city, free Land Keep and Water Keep from water and land elementals who have joined the Dark Circle. Marcus still has to find a way to change the future, and save Kyja’s life, but there’s a catch; any changes they make in the Abyss of Time may destroy the doorway, trapping them forever…

Even with his physical disability, Marcus is able to accomplish great things. It is a story of determination and friendship, and of having the courage to make those hard decisions.

4 stars

Air Keep is the third book in the Farworld series by J. Scott Savage.  In the book we continue to see Marcus and Kyja trying to gain elemental allies so they can open a drift.  Opening the drift will allow Marcus to come fully into Faworld instead of leaving a portion of himself lost in the area of shadowy grey that serves as the in between.

This story deals with a little bit of a rift forming between Marcus and Kyja and I've never been a huge fan of that particular plot point in the books I read.  Still a good book and worthy continuation of the series, it just won't be my favorite out of the series (Land Keep has that distinction for now).

The tension in this book has really been ramped up.  The first two books had allusions to the fate of both worlds being in the balance, but here you are really shown some of the cataclysmic events that could happen if Marcus and Kyja fail.  The Air Elementals were also an intriguing addition to the cast.  I don't want to spoil anything for the reader so I won't go into any detail, suffice to say there is a bit of humor involved that I think could really appeal to younger readers.

Overall, this book is a great setup for what I believe is the planned conclusion with the next book.  There is still a little bit of new info being learned about the established characters and a few smaller players get bigger roles.  The scale of conflict is significantly increased with much larger consequences for the actions the characters pursue.  One of the greatest strengths of this series has been the story.  Often when reading a series I will find a book in the middle that is used almost entirely to set up the earthshaking conclusion.  It always makes me eager to see what will happen in the conclusion, but leaves me a bit disappointed in the book I had just read.  Farworld does not do that.  All of the books have independent stories with their own resolutions contained, though they still manage to form a cohesive and constantly growing story arc.  It is a pleasure to find a series that maintains a high standard of excitement throughout.


  1. I've been reading great things about this series. The covers are to die for. I'm with you, I get annoyed with plots that revolve around friends / love interests becoming estranged. I still want to check out this series. Glad you liked it!

    1. The author is doing a tour to promote the release of this book and he will actually be stopping by fairly close to my town so I'm hoping to stop in and say hi. He has another series that I want to check out as well.

      The estrangement isn't a serious one and it's pretty understandable from the standpoint of Marcus, it just adds a little friction to their relationship and was enough to bring up memories of other books that made it a huge issue. I can't really say that the plot even revolves around it.