Monday, March 18, 2013

Review - Klondaeg The Monster Hunter by Steve Thomas

Klondaeg is a simple Dwarf with a simple plan: rid the world of monsters. When he was a boy, his parents were killed by unidentified monsters, and he swore revenge against all of them. Armed with a talking battle axe with two personalities, Klondaeg travels the countryside, slaying everything from tiny werewolves to gold-devouring demons. He negates prophecies, disproves history, and even comes face to face with Acerbus, the god of darkness himself. But will he ever find the thing that killed his parents?

4.5 stars

Klondaeg The Monster Hunter takes place in the same universe that Steve Thomas created in his short story Smite Me, Oh Dark One.  He continues to use this particular realm to tell stories of humorous fantasy.  Klongaeg is a dwarf whose obsession is killing monsters.  With a sentient ax that has two distinct personalities, one for each face, he is pretty constantly engaged in amusing banter.

This is not a book for someone who is looking for a serious dark fantasy, it is fantastic for people who want a series of light reads.  Klondaeg is a straightforward character whose goal is to destroy all monsters in hopes of getting revenge on the one that killed his parents.  As he travels he meets up with all kinds of people that help him along the way.  They are generally interesting characters that expose a new facet of Klondaeg's character.

As I really enjoyed Smite Me this book was right up my alley and from my understanding there is another collection being written right now.  I'm very much looking forward to seeing what other adventures are in store for Klondaeg and his crew.

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