Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review - Ring of Destiny by Eric Quinn Knowles

The Magi are coming.

Strange things happen in the small town of Reynald. Jared and his father come to Reynald looking for a fresh start, but when a vampire cheerleader draws Jared into her plot to find the Ring of Destiny, he is forced to join a pair of supernatural detectives in order to save his family. But the Magi want the ring for themselves and when they come to town, Reynald will never be the same.

4 stars

Ring of Destiny is a story about the small town of Reynald and the craziness that seems to occur there.  Jared is a new kid in town and after an accident in his last town takes away his ability to excel at sports he isn't really sure where he fits in the social standing.  He is an ex-jock that can't play any sports and feels a bit self conscious about walking with a limp.  This keeps him kind of on the outside of everything preventing him from really forming any good friendships.  There is one other boy at the school who is even further outside the social spectrum than he himself though so Jared decides to approach him.

Jared soon learns that there is a lot of stuff going on in Reynald that can't be found elsewhere.  There is a cult that protects the legacy of the town founder and seems strangely adamant that the rumors of him possessing supernatural artifacts are false.  There is also a new girl in town who seems to be able to charm everyone she comes into contact with into doing whatever she wants.

I really enjoyed this story and I'm looking forward to more in the series.  The characters are interesting and for the most part likable.  There is a bit of mystery surrounding a good portion of them, but facts are slowly revealed as this story progresses and I imagine that trend will continue.  At the end of the story there were still some things I was left wondering about, but I was totally happy with what had been revealed.  I also enjoyed the paranormal aspect without an overwhelming romance aspect.  There is a bit of relationship drama involved in the story though it doesn't take it over.  I know the next book is in progress and I'm looking forward to it.

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  1. Nice to hear there's a YA paranormal out there that doesn't succumb to over-the-top insta-love! (Can you tell I've had my share of it?) Sounds like a good read, glad you liked it!