Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Guest post with Walter Wally

My name is Walter Wally. I write short rhyming stories for kids and adults. My greatest wish would be to travel the world telling my stories to anyone who would be kind enough to listen. But until I can expand my mind wide enough to actually accept that as a possibility, I’m happy to write my stories in books and hope that people will read them themselves.

I’ve often wondered about the process other writers go through when translating their thoughts and ideas into paragraphs and sentences. I know what mine is – it’s a recipe of adrenaline, glee, obsession, and stamina. When I write a story, I feel like I’m putting together a puzzle. Some pieces are easy to find and they fit together perfectly on the first try. But then I get to that point in the puzzle where no piece fits together at all, and I’m tempted to throw the half-made puzzle out the window and down a manhole.

That’s when some strange will within me wakes up and doesn’t allow me to quit. Unlike other things in life, when it comes to writing, I don’t ever give up. Instead, I sit there and stare at the puzzle for hour after hour until somehow my brain looks at the very same pieces in a different way. When that moment happens, the remaining pieces seem to float together on their own and release me from the cold, clammy hands of writer’s block. I then step out of the compartment in my brain that I had been previously locked in, and return to the real world with a new story in my hands. Thank goodness.

In fact, last week I wrote my latest story, and of course, it happened in much the same way. I was lying in bed early in the morning, awake but not yet motivated enough to rise to my feet. All of a sudden the following sentence entered my brain: “Rumor has it that Aurelius Bartokamoos bathes in pudding.” Weird, huh? But, immediately I knew that there was a story to be written based on that line. Or at least an imaginative way for me to spend the next week of my life. Writing gives me that rare opportunity to share something uniquely mine with the rest of the world. And if people happen to appreciate that little piece of myself, I smile at them and thank them and try to keep to myself that they just gave me a beautiful moment that I will cherish forever.

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