Friday, April 5, 2013

Quarter the Moon by J.H. Sked review

The first Blue Moon Detectives collection. Two brand new tales from the Blue Moon Detectives characters, plus Basement Blues and Die Laughing.

House Mates - When Astrid moves into her new apartment, she has to deal with an unwanted house mate, and the dark secret she's hiding. Yes, Astrid, There is a Santa - What happens when a centuries old vampire discovers that Santa is real?

Blue Moon Detectives - Saving the (undead) girl shouldn't be this hard...

Die Laughing - The gods are back in town - and they don't play nice. Billy and the gang find themselves fighting a Norse god with a bad habit of killing comedians.

5 stars

Quater the Moon is a collection of the Blue Moon Detective stories.  Since Basement Blues and Die Laughing have been released individually and have already been reviewed I'll focus on the two stories that are new to this collection.

Room Mates tells the story of how Astrid met Ruth and how their friendship became solid, while Yes, Astrid, There is a Santa has the whole crew together while Billy is still a child.  Both stories are excellent additions to the universe that J.H. has created that really help to flush out the characters.

Paranormal comedy is becoming one of my favorite genres thanks to the skills of author like J.H. Sked.


  1. Thanks for a great review; much appreciate it! Hope the little one is doing better.

    1. She's back to being a wrecking ball lol. Looking forward to seeing more from the gang at Blue Moon!