Monday, April 8, 2013

Water-Seer by Sky Luke Corbelli review

Ciela de Leon never wanted attention. It's a pity no-one asked her.

Forced to begin her pilgrimage by the Temple of Life, she must become a water-seer or die trying. But when something precious is stolen from her, Ciela must fight alongside a group of terrifying mercenaries to get it back. Now everything she thought she knew about the world is thrown into doubt, and the questions just keep piling on. Who is Ezra Hawkins? What are the Children of Lightning plotting? How do waffles fit in to any of this? And if that wasn't bad enough, she may just be falling in love with a mysterious warrior who knows far too much about life and death. There's also the off chance that she's destined to save the world.

In this exciting sequel to Wind-Scarred, Ciela must fight to discover the secrets hidden just beneath the surface, or be washed away by the tides of fate. Time is running out...

5 stars

Water-Seer is the second book in the Elements Series and the story continues to build.  Ezra continues to learn the truth about the world that he lives in and things are not all that great for him after some of the events in the first book.

Sky continues to use his rather unique tactic of sneaking some pop culture references, both current and past, into the story making for a couple of chuckles when you can catch them.  He also reveals a lot more about the various elemental powers.  The water-seers are especially fascinating, at least from my perspective.

I'm happy to say that this book didn't suffer from the second book slump that a lot of series experience.  It seems that it's very common for the second book to be more about building the third than actually accomplishing anything and Sky deftly avoided falling into that pattern keeping his latest offering flowing wonderfully and remaining extremely entertaining.  The ending leaves some big questions to be answered and I can't wait for the next book to see what happens next.


  1. The 3rd Book has been out for a few months
    "Child of Lightning"

    1. I actually already reviewed the third book, this review just got lost in my draft section and I decided to get it posted.