Saturday, May 11, 2013

First Annual Book Bloggies

I was recently informed that I have been nominated by the folks at JKSCommunications for an award in their first annual Book Bloggie awards.  JKS is a literary publicity company that works with tons of bloggers to help promote books.  They have four categories of awards and I have been nominated for Indie Reviewer of the Year.  If anyone would care to vote you can find the surveys on their Facebook page.

If anyone has a moment to go out and check out the other categories and vote to help me win a little bit of acclaim I would certainly appreciate the support.

Thanks in advance everyone!


  1. Clicked over. Could not find the survey for Indie Reviewer of the Year. :(

    Will try again later.

  2. It's currently on the right side of the timeline (on my computer) if you see the post that has the link for Biggest Variety there is a smaller link at the bottom that says see more. Best Indie Reviewer is the third survey down on the list.

    Thanks for checking into it Terry.

    1. Okay. Was able to find it after clicking on the 'see more' Voted for ya!

    2. Thanks very much Terry. I appreciate the vote.

  3. I'm so glad to see you on this list, Scott! You've done a lot for the indie community, nice to see it being recognised.