Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review - Asclepias by Christopher Kline

Illegal immigrants are turning up dead in the remote mountains of southern Arizona. Cochise County Sheriff Detective Jake Caldwell soon discovers that United States Geological Survey biologist Tony Spencer is the only person with the knowledge to solve the murders, but will Spencer live long enough to share the secret?

4 stars

Asclepias is the second book in the Tony Spencer mystery series. I picked up a copy of this book at a book release party for his third book. It was interesting to see the slideshow that he had detailing some of the actual locations and plant and insect species that are discussed in the book. The fact that the restaurants and research areas that are featured in the book are real and the author has visited them several times seemed to add an extra element to the book. 

This book features the same strengths of his first book, Hostile Lookout. Tony is a likeable guy who really just wants to do his job. He has come out of the shell he was in after the death of his wife and child a bit more with the introduction of Melissa to his life. While looking for a new species of Milk Thistle Tony once again stumbles across some things that he shouldn't know and ends up in some pretty serious trouble. 

This book had a good flow and kept me turning pages rather quickly. I finished the book in under two days and was very happy that I had the third book on hand to continue reading the series. Though the book has a solid ending the story and the people are enough to keep interest in the series high. Check this book out if you like mystery thrillers.

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