Saturday, May 18, 2013

Review of Awakening Evarun by Tom Barczak

A thief named Talus hides among the ruins of Galadash. Hunted by the wizards and dragons who rule there, he escapes with the help of a boy who is more than what he seems, and who opens the door to the greatest adventure Talus has ever known.
So begins Awakening Evarun Part I of VI. Awakening Evarun is a serial novel. Part II of VI will be coming soon.

4 stars

Awakening Evarun is the first part in a seven part series.  It tells the story of a man hiding on the streets trying to avoid the attention of the wizards who rule and their dragons.  When he is noticed by their minions a young boy leads him to "safety" and beings to change his life dramatically.

This is the first book I have read the is broken into serialized portions and I don't think it works really well for me.  The story just starts to get going and this chapter ends.  I will say that I was starting to get interested in the story and I'm very curios to see where it goes, but I really dislike waiting for sequels and it seems like this series will have a lot of that.  If the book is released at a single unit after all of the smaller sections are released I would be interested in picking that up.  Overall 3.5 stars for the enjoyment of the story and the less enjoyable format of the release.


  1. Some folks like serialization, but I'm not one of them, either. If authors fast and consistent, it can make a difference.

    1. The appeal of serialization is that the author can get portions of the book out to their readers before other portions are completely done. The question then becomes, is this a good idea not just from a marketing stand-point but from a literary stand-point. Stories change and evolve on their own, so is it smart to release a part 1 of 6 if by there is a danger that by the time part 6 is fully complete and released, the story will have changed thus altering the siccinctivity of the work as a whole. If it is being released as a serialization even though future parts are already complete... why?