Monday, May 27, 2013

Review - Secrets Clockwork Skies 1 by J. Cunningham

Gelton isn't the revolutionary type. If you asked him, it would be the last thing he would ever use to describe himself - if you could get the gefling to answer at all. When he gets entangled in events larger than his own story, he finds that he's got more than a few things to learn about himself.

Part speculative history, part fantasy, and definitively steampunk, Secrets is the first novel in the Clockwork Skies series. Action packed and full of political intrigue, romance, and richly detailed fantasy settings, Secrets will entice you from the first page and keep you guessing until the last.

Review by: Scott

4 stars

Secrets (Clockwork Skies 1) by J. Cunningham is a book that has a Victorian setting.  It has a bit of a steam punk feel though clockwork is probably a more appropriate description.  A lot of the technology seen is similar to what you would see in steam punk stories, but the powering seems to be more magic than steam.

I really enjoyed the Gefling resistance aspect of the book.  The name Gefling reminds me of the creatures from The Dark Crystal though the mannerisms of the characters in the book are very gnome like.  The combination of the two images in my head made for an interesting creature to follow.  As I mentioned earlier the technology in the book enriched the world nicely.  The clockwork soldiers were very cool and the technology that is used to travel is pretty fantastic.

The characters were dynamic and entertaining (well Gelton isn't particularly dynamic but that fits him).  Tink, Dev, and Mia more than make up for the subdued nature of Gelton's contribution.  There is a lot of potential in this series and it's something that I look forward to seeing some more of when the second book is released.

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