Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review - Liar's Harvest by Michael Langlois

Abe put an end to the threat of the Devourer once and for all.

So why does the world keep getting more dangerous?

Unsettling events pile up one after another: animal corpses appear on the front porch each night, an abandoned graveyard in the North Carolina woods is now home to something unnatural, and wooden men with eerily familiar faces are spotted lurking in the nearby town of Halfway.

Abe finds himself caught in a game set in motion long before the rise of mankind. A game in which even the Devourer was merely a pawn and where losing means the death of every man, woman, and child on earth.

Standing with him are the survivors of Belmont: Anne, Chuck, Leon, and his old squadmate, Henry "The Professor" Monroe. Together they intend to hold the line against the encroaching darkness and prove that there are still things in the light to be feared.

Review by Scott

5 stars

Liar's Harvest by Michael Langlois is the second book in The Emergent Earth series.  After the horrifying events that took place in Bad Radio Abe and the rest of the gang are living with Henry trying to figure out their next move.  It seems like the world is getting worse and they are pretty sure it relates to the events that they had a part in.

There is still some strange stuff going on around the group, especially with Abe.  I'm not going to go into any major detail due to the fact that it could really spoil some stuff from the first book.  When an old human foot shows up on the porch one day Abe, Chuck, Leon, and Anne head to an old cemetery and are attacked by creatures that pull themselves out of the ground.  During the melee a fox drops a delivery off for Leon on the battlefield and it begins a whole new adventure.

Once again Michael has written a fantastic horror/action novel.  This is a great example of the second book building off of the first wonderfully.  With the majority of the character's personalities already being established the story and interactions really shine.  There is some pretty amusing dialogue that works well to break up the tension of what is a very serious situation.  The plot of the book also really stood apart for me.  I haven't read anything remotely similar to this and very much enjoyed it.

I'm very impressed with this author and will be checking out his other series, starting with Walker, soon.

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