Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review - Amulet of Aria (Bakkian Chronicles #3) by Jeffrey Poole

Realizing they can no longer keep the future king safe, bodyguards Steve and Sarah escort the Lentarian prince, Mikal, back to his home world to not only determine the best course of action, but also to verify the king and queen haven’t become targets themselves.

In Mikal's home world, dragon raids are on the rise. The dwarves are preparing to go to war, and the evil sorcereress has managed to reach across time and space to attack Mikal on his protector's home world. Their only hope to save Mikal from Celestia and her minions lies with the recovery of a piece of an ancient talisman believed lost centuries ago. Having the ability to enhance the holder's jhorun, namely their magical talent, to unheard of levels, the amulet pieces must be found before they fall into the wrong hands.

But are they too late? Don’t miss the exciting final chapter in the Bakkian Chronicles!

Review by: Scott

5 stars

Amulet of Aria is the long awaited conclusion of the Bakkian Chronicles.  If you enjoyed the rest of the series then this book will not disappoint.  Jeff keeps the mood fairly lighthearted throughout while still managing to keep up an impressive level of action.  This particular book has a bit more of the happenings taking place in our world as opposed to being pretty much exclusively on Lentari.  There is also another person who gets let in on the secret life of Steve, Sarah, and Mikal.  The additional character (named Lia) works very well with the group dynamic that already exists and adds quite a bit of humor.

I was lucky enough to get to be a beta reader for this book and generally when that happens I wait a few months and read the final book before writing my review.  This book was no exception, but what amazed me was how involved I became in the story even though I had already read it.  The book kept pulling me along and I enjoyed every second of my reading.  I keep up a pretty hectic reading schedule in an attempt to keep my blog with fresh content and it amazes me how refreshing it is to find a book that is truly a joy to read.

This whole series works well for pretty much all ages.  It also serves as a great introduction to the world of independent publishing.  The Prophecy (Bakkian #1), which is FREE, was one of the first independent books I read and it kindled a respect for the authors who go it on their own.

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